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Terms and Conditions


1. Services are provided only to the Customers who signed service agreement with CONTRACTOR.

2. CONTRACTOR provides services under the Personal Account in the service

3. The Customer register a Personal Account in the Service, located at

4. When registering Personal Account CUSTOMER has to specifies authorization data: personal login and password to log in to My Account.

5. CUSTOMER initiates the provision of the Services by sending commands to send SMS-messages through the WEB-interface (Personal account) or through data transfer protocols: SMPP, HTTP/XML. Details regarding protocols/connections published at the website

6. Debit of funds from the Account in the amount of the cost of SMS-messages, specified in the Agreement, takes place when CUSTOMER send SMS-messages through the Platform.

7. The moment of sending SMS-messages and the corresponding debit of funds from the CUSTOMER account shall be fixed as the moment of delivery of the Service to telecom operators for transmission to the mobile subscriber.

8. SMS-message contains information in digital text format up to 160 Latin characters or up to 70 Cyrillic characters, and each of the articulated messages up to 140 bytes. The final pieces of articulated messages of size less than 140 bytes are considered as separate messages. In the case of multiple articulated messages length of each message is 153 Latin or 67 Cyrillic characters, because we need to add a title to join SMS-messages in one message to the mobile device of subscriber.

9. When sending ten or more articulated SMS-messages in a single message CONTRACTOR does not guarantee to the CUSTOMER integrity of their delivery to the Subscriber. CONTRACTOR does not guarantee the integrity of delivery messages to the Subscriber at the roaming.





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10145 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

T. +372 602 8478

Т. +38 (044) 561-7171

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Copyright © 2011-2020 ITD Telecom LLC