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Discover the innovative Messaging & Voice Communicaton Platform from

IT-Decision Telecom.
Our SMS & Viber API is the most reliable way for contact users across the globe.


IT-Decision Telecom - international A2P SMS, Viber messaging provider and global voice carrier.

Messaging and voice platform from IT-Decision Telecom it's complex solution for sending mobile messages worldwide, such us: A2P messaging, 2FA two factor authentication via SMS, OTP one-time SMS passwords, marketing and other messages as well as wholesale voice globally.
SMS and Viber API (SMPP, HTTP) with built-in intelligence for maximum speed and deliverability makes it easy to carry out the integration of messaging service and forget about the headaches associated with connecting services to web & mobile app.
You will only need one click to communicate with millions of customers around the world!

Global Coverage

Time-consuming work in the field of telecommunications and partnerships with mobile operators has allowed us to build the largest communications network for sending SMS messages and Voice worldwide. We cooperate with more than 100 mobile operators and guarantee the successful delivery of the text messages in more than 200 countries worldwide.

SMS API Integration

Our SMS and Voice API is the most reliable way to reach users across the globe that open the doors to the millions of subscribers. Simplicity and transparency of our API (SMPP, HTTP/XML) allows in a short time connect the SMS gateway or Voice capabilities to your application. Our development team will support you on each step of integration and perform the most unusual tasks.

IT-Decision Web Portal

Optimized web access to powerful communications platform with an intuitive web interface provides all the important information and analytics for users and performance reporting. Allows you to easily and quickly send the bulk sms messaging all over the world as well as single messaging.

Support and Consultation

Every question of our customer matters for us!

Our specialists are experts in the field of telecommunications and mobile messaging.

Every user of our platform supported by personal manager which ready to help you all the time.

Technical team is available 24/7/365 for your support.


We are Global VoIP Services Provider 

IT-Decision Telecom has direct connections with telecom operators and local VoIP providers around the world. We offer our direct connections, call center solutions, and A-Z wholesale routes for sending voice calls.

Take advantage of IT-Decision Telecom Voice services - provide the high quality voice calls to your clients and grow your traffic with our strong and global network of partners and deep understanding of the telecommunications market.  

Complicated steps - passed!

Now you can easily rely on us!
Established direct connections to carriers and operators around the world to reduce messaging delivery time, developed and automated backup connection processes to prevent network issues, increased SMS platform availability 99.99%.

Better Security & Faster Delivery

Usually message passes through several routes before reaching the subscriber, thereby increases the delay time of receiving the SMS. We avoid this problem by increasing the security and created our own network of direct connections.

Perfect Quality

Our algorithms for automated routing system, if detecting low percentage of sms delivery, then redirecting sms traffic through the fastest and safest alternative route, thereby improving quality of delivery and preventing issues before they occur.

Flexible Pricing

You're paying for outbound messages

according to the global coverage price list. For volumes over 100 thousand messages please contact our sales to get discount and pick up the unique routes based on your needs.

Create your own messaging App using the SMS API from IT-Decision today!

Use your brand
Send text messages on behalf of your company / your brand all over the world, in countries where it is allowed by operators (please check availability in your country with our sales department)

Regulatory requirements allowed
We considered all regulatory requirements across the globe, so you do not have to spend time to ensure their compliance in each country.

Get delivery reports
We return detailed information about messages and delivery statuses so that you can independently verify the quality of delivery and performance. If your message can not be delivered, we will give you the detailed information why.

Enjoy high throughput
We provide ultra-high throughput, allowing you to send up to 5 million messages per day for one account - it is 50 SMS / sec, and we do not limit you to this - the upper limit does not exist.

Supports SMPP protocol,

Get a full set of GSM features.
Regardless what's your needs, we can support them.

Analyze your sms-traffic
Get analytics in real-time via our web portal, as well as check the volume, pricing and direction, the quality and the percentage of delivery.

Support long texts

You do not need to think about how to send a long text that consists of 2, 3 or more messages. We support long texts, for both outbound and inbound messages.

Manage costs
Control your costs in real-time via our web portal and you can always top up your balance on time.

Unicode supported in two directions
We support Unicode for inbound and outbound messages in order to guarantee for you delivery of the message in same format and language as you sent it.

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