What is bulk SMS marketing anyway?

In an era when mobile phone users are growing more every day, it is not surprising that as a communication channel, such as a mobile phone is one of the most common. It would be unreasonable to say that bulk SMS marketing does not play a key role and is part of many advertising strategies of large companies for more than ten years. Nevertheless, it is continuously gaining popularity as one of the most direct and active communication channels available today to marketers.

But what is bulk SMS marketing? And how successful companies use it to improve the practice of communicating with customers?

Bulk SMS marketing is a form of bulk communication that allows business owners to interact with their audience through mobile technologies. Naturally, text messages are created and sent to a database with numbers containing marketing/promotional materials, often offering unique or timely proposals.

Although companies regularly use bulk SMS messaging as part of their marketing strategy. Companies also often have to use this service to communicate with their employees, shareholders, and customers. The use of global text messaging can be completely different: as for notifications and reminders, confirmations, one-time passwords, two-factor authentication, etc.

What makes bulk messaging an ideal tool for marketing communications?

The advantages of using bulk SMS to communicate with customers are genuinely endless. From the financial point of view, bulk SMS-messages are one of the cheapest ways to interact with hundreds, thousands and even millions of customers, regardless of where they are in the world. It can cut companies' marketing costs by half, given the high cost of creating and distributing marketing content in other digital or print spaces.

SMS is the most direct way to contact a customer, and there are already more than 5 billion mobile users in the world who are ready to receive SMS at any time. By sending SMS online with the help of SMS services by IT-Decision Telecom, businesses can efficiently and effectively reach a broad audience, regardless of where they are based.

As new research claims that US consumers spend more than five hours a day on their mobile device, experienced marketers know that the best place for customers is the device itself.

SMS remains the most reliable communication channel for mobile users around the world, with the number of messages read up to 98%, and 90% of them in the first 3 minutes of delivery.

The most common ways to use bulk SMS marketing?

Intellectual promotions: enterprises use SMS to send timely offers and promotions to customers. Those engaged in retail and hospitality services, in particular, make most SMS messages attractive for sale, using flash sales and 24-hour offers only to increase sales during a specific period.

Personalized offers: nothing makes a client more special than receiving an individual offer, and companies are highly using the functions of SMS on a daily basis.

Who uses bulk SMS marketing?

The beauty of SMS marketing is that any business, regardless of size or budget, can use it. With the ability to send via the SMS using an integrated API, companies can adapt the sending to their marketing needs. From the banking and financial sector to retail and hospitality, education through sports clubs and insurance, organizations around the world are finding bulk SMS messages a powerful tool to add to their marketing strategy, regardless of the industry.

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