Bulk SMS marketing trends in 2017/2018

In 2015, a study by Transparency Market Research announced that global marketing SMS A2P will reach 70.32 billion US dollars in 2020.

Thanks to the company IT-Decision Telecom, absolutely any business in Ukraine will now be able to order the service of bulk sms messaging with full integration and could enjoy the "massive" success of its SMS campaigns.

And so, according to IT-Decision Telecom experts, the key trends of bulk SMS services in Ukraine for 2017/2018 include the following factors:

1. Millenials still love SMS

First of all, in Ukrainians of almost all ages still prefer text messages, especially when it comes to customer service, while about 75% of millenials prefer SMS messages for polls, promotions and supplies even more.

2. It is expected that the use of Emoji will constantly grow

Emoji also known as smileys is a very important aspect in the messaging between millennials. They are very popular in social networks and applications as well.

It should be borne in mind that the use of Emoji in mobile marketing has grown by 775% in the period from 2013 to 2017.

Today, businesses are actively seeking and using creative ways to add a simple and friendly emotion to their content to add humor or convey emotions. The trick is to use smiles to create personal, but professional interaction with your customers.

3. SMS and applications

It is true that the use and implementation of messages and social applications such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Messenger have grown exponentially over the past few years.

Unfortunately, these applications do not offer practical tools for bulk messaging, and they are still not preferred for this. In addition, consumers use applications only for their social content and customer service (mainly Facebook and Twitter). For this reason, bulk SMS will still rule in 2017/2018.

4. Integration of AI and automation via SMS

Bulk SMS services already find ways to add chatbots to their text engine. Already there are tools, such as DigitalGenious, which was launched in 2015 to help create human-like conversations with customers via SMS.

With automation of the enterprise can have preliminary written messages which are sent to the clients when the text of entering SMS contains the certain keyword. In addition, you can configure the text engine and the message schedule as part of a recurring campaign.

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