September 12-15, IT-Decision Telecom took part in ACC

September 12-15, IT-Decision Telecom took part in ACC, the annual conference on telecommunications organized by PLDT with the support of Smart Communications (SMART) and Digital Telecommunications Philippines, Inc. (Digitel/Sun Cellular).

IT-Decision Telecom representatives state that, participation in ACC was very successful and effective, both in terms of expanding the geography of providing excellent Messaging Services in the Asian market and in a technological support in the provision of VoIP technologies.

"Thanks to the competent positioning and professional presentation of services provided by IT-Decision Telecom, within the framework of the annual ACC conference, we managed to conclude very important partnership agreements for the provision of Global Messaging as well as VOIP Services with Telecom companies from such countries as China, Bangladesh, Singapore, Indonesia, India, etc." - CEO of IT-Decision Telecom, Sergii Diachenko.

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