VoIP for business by IT-Decision Telecom

IT-Decision Telecom is highly proud to announce about the expansion of professional telecom services range for business and the opening of the VoIP Department.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or IP-telephony is a voice connection over the Internet (unlike traditional telephone communication, which occurs through telephone lines or mobile GSM /3G network).

Taking into consideration the ever-expanding portfolio of partner agreements with global telecom market operators, IT-Decision Telecom always strives to keep pace with technological innovations and is again ready to provide its customers with the best VoIP service for business. Considering the multifaceted experience in international markets, the integration and use of digital voice communication by IT-Decision Telecom, will definitely help Ukrainian business to build the most effective systems of corporate communications with various voice services.

The main tasks that are solved by VoIP service by IT-Decision Telecom:

- Communication with customers, executors, counterparties anywhere in the world where there is Internet coverage

- Security and confidentiality of calls

- Providing the highest level of communication

Benefits of connecting a VoIP service with IT-Decision Telecom

- fast integration into any business


- A-Z Wholesale VoIP provider service

- working with Wholesale and Retail VoIP traffic

- creation of free corporate communication within the company

- Ability to integrate VoIP into the company's business processes

- Technical support 24/7

- keeping statistics and recording the calls

For more detailed information, as well as for all technical advice, please contact:

VoIP Sales Department


+38 068379-8339

+38 044561-7171

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