The main trends of mobile marketing for business in 2017

If you have not yet started to interact with your customers using a mobile phone, you have, in fact, missed one of the most promising channels of profit.

While thousands of people check their phones about 150 times a day and the average person, regardless of age, spends about five hours a day on their smartphone, mobile devices are firmly entrenched as the leading media advertising channels.

And so, according to experts of IT-Decision Telecom, the most effective tools for mobile marketing in 2017 are:

1. Location Based Marketing

The era of SMS marketing, based on geolocation, is already used by leading companies around the world. For example, companies send SMS to their customers about brand promotions when they are near shops where these products or services are presented or may be in demand.

2. Marketing in applications

Currently, Google Play offers 2.8 million applications and Apple - 2.2 million. With such intense competition, applications must offer the most personalized service. It is literate marketing in the applications of companies, at the moment, most effectively helps to build customer loyalty and explains all the core values ​​of the brand.

3. SMS marketing

The effectiveness of mobile SMS marketing largely continues to affect customers, although it is in the focus of many myths and misconceptions. At the same time, many corporations, including Coca-Cola, Walmart and Toys”R”Us, have seamlessly integrated text messages into their mobile marketing strategies in 2017.

4. Measuring KPI in Mobile Marketing

With the increase in budgets for mobile marketing, attention to the performance indicators of this tool is also growing. Analytics of the obtained data helps marketers to precisely define their targeting, to optimize advertising expenses and to raise profitability of investments.

5. QR Codes

One way to quickly provide relevant information to mobile users is to use QR codes. These digital bar codes act as labels for transferring valuable information to current and potential customers.

Final words

Each of these tools can be used by you. Moreover, each of them offers your company the opportunity to increase profits, grow, attract and retain customers in such a way that your commercial offers are relevant, timely and attractive.

If you have any questions about the integration and use of SMS marketing tools or SMS API in your business, IT-Decision specialists are ready to provide you with all the exhaustive information in full.

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