Start successful business services monetization with SMS-API by IT-Decision Telecom

Bulk SMS messaging and SMS API integration into your business by IT-Decision Telecom platform, allows you to easily start active work with your customers in the shortest time. According to IT-Decision experts, at the moment SMS API is the most effective tool that can work on every device, in each network and provides full visibility of the delivery status.

One of the bulk SMS messaging tools by IT-Decision is A2P - a professional system developed specifically for business. With the integration of this system by IT-Decision specialists, companies can use various modes of communication with customers, choose an online user authentication system (2FA/OTP), and make scheduled bulk SMS campaigns.

Due to the integration of the API by IT-Decision, the messages, rules and processes of A2P can be automated through your own business system or application. A2P has a number of advantages, including high security, visibility and scalability. Namely:

  • A2P provides a closed connection between the client devices and the application, which makes it even more secure.

  • Transparencyof processes. Thanks to the fully monitored messaging process, A2P helps to eliminate any problems that may arise.

  • Bulk SMS messaging can be initiated on demand or through an automated process that takes into account all the time frames.

The main advantages of SMS API integration by IT-Decision:

Global Coverage

IT-Decision regularly participates in the largest international conferences and forums, constantly expanding its partner program with global telecom operators and also providing its customers with the highest quality of global text messaging! As a result more than 200 countries coverage and partnership with more than 100 of the largest mobile operators!

SMS API integration

Comfortable use of the API by IT-Decision, working with SMPP, HTTP/XML allows the business to connect the SMS gateway to its application in a shortest time and professional development team is ready to support you at every stage of integration as well.

Support and consultation

Our experts are leading experts of telecommunication and SMS messaging in Ukraine. That's why each user of the platform is assigned a personal manager ready 24/7/365 to provide high quality assistance in solving the most non-standard tasks.

IT-Decision Telecom web interface

By integrating the SMS API by IT-Decision, you get a powerful tool for analytics and management. With the help of a convenient and intuitive web-interface, you can at any time monitor user analytics, get all the service reporting, send in the shortest possible time, both global text messaging as well as single SMS messages.

Security system for your business: 2FA / OTP

The company IT-Decision annually occupies high positions in the market of telecommunication services and in many respects thanks to security systems and services. Authentication of users on the website is the most important factor for any business and therefore the company's specialists offer their customers the following options:

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) - after the integration process, the user will need to enter his password and additionally use something that is at hand: laptop, mobile phone, hardware key, etc.

  • One-time password (OTP) is a password that is valid only for one login session or financial transaction. The OTP authentication process works by a simple method, because when a website wants to check a user, they usually ask the user to enter their mobile phone number for verification. When the user enters his number and presses the "Send" button, a random code is generated and delivered via the SMS service.

Still got questions?

To get more information about how to use the API capabilities to monetize your product or service via SMS APi, you can contact our specialists:

Tel. +38 (096) 652-4383

Tel. +38 (044) 561-7171


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