What is so special with SMS API intergration?


API (application programming interface) is a tool by means of which the functions of a computer program (for example, bulk SMS messaging services) can be accessed for another computer program (for example, notifications on the website about online booking).

After the SMS API has been integrated by IT-Decision Telecom into your software, you no longer need to manually enter the application or platform for bulk sending of SMS messages. Instead, API protocols allow you to automate the bulk SMS messages to all your customers.

SMS API integration by IT-Decision

Here are some examples of SMS API integration by IT-Decision:

bulk SMS messaging on current promotions, discounts, bonus programs

• unique activation codes for the customer account (2FA/OTP), which will be sent via SMS

• sending automatic SMS notifications after online booking

The main functions of SMS API by IT-Decision:

Sending bulk sms

Send one text message or thousands, now any application can do it using API by IT-Decision.

Unicode SMS

Sending sms messages using Greek or Arabic letters, including special characters.

Managing your SMS campaign

You can schedule bulk SMS messaging, which will be sent later and resend after a certain period of time.

Get answers

Receive incoming SMS messages as a separate API command or allow responses to be sent to your application.

Check your account

Log in to your account to check your balance and make sure you have enough funds for the next campaign.

Long text messages

Send long texts in one message – the most effective tool when you need to include more detailed information.

Check delivery status

Check the delivery status for each message you send.


- After the mailing, can I receive SMS responses from my clients?

You have a full-fledged opportunity to receive SMS responses from your customers after the dispatch of your commercial offers.

-How to start using the SMS API for my business?

The technical support service by IT-Decision works 24/7 and will always be able to advise and help you to set up all the necessary services.

- After integrating the SMS API, can I send bulk SMS to foreign customers?

The company IT-Decision cooperates with the majority of international operators of the telecom market and constantly cares about 100% quality of all its services.

- I do not have time to study the technical aspects of integrating the SMS API into my website/service - can you do everything by yourself?

If you have difficulties with self-tuning, you can always contact our specialists, and we’ll solve all difficulties.

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