IT-Decision Telecom ITW 2017 participation results

Participation in the ITW conference for IT-Decision Telecom was the largest and one of the most significant events in 2017. According to Sergii Diachenko and Denys Shkarupa, owners of IT-Decision company: "The high level of event organization, as well as the large pool of worldwide telecom market partners, which have defined quite broad and promising horizons for the development of our company, became truly significant."

In general, within the framework of ITW 2017, the IT-Decision team held more than 30 business meetings with the world's largest telecom operators and companies with SMS aggregators, organizing a series of professional SMS API service presentations by IT-Decision for its international partners and customers. Obviously, such steps, to a large extent, increase the level of SMS-platform by IT-Decision and its quality, and make the service itself more accessible to the company's customers in the international market.

"The participation of IT-Decision in the next ITW does not cause the slightest doubt. In general, the company's development strategy prescribes our compulsory participation in telecom events of this level, the closest of which will be events in Hong Kong and Madrid "- the CEO of IT-Decision company - Sergii Diachenko.

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