The safety of your business is in your hands! IT-Decision Telecom recommends modern methods of authe

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is by no means a new technological concept, but with the development of modern technologies, the use of 2FA has become much easier and can be used by almost any end user. IT-Decision Telecom experts recommend always use only modern methods of authentication, which would completely protect your services or APP from scammers and third-party organizations.

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

2FA is used to enhance the security of any web application or Mobile App, to which 2FA can be integrated via SMS API by IT-Decision Telecom. After the integration process, you will be required to enter your password and additionally use "something that you have at hand" a laptop, a mobile phone, a hardware key, etc. The use of two different user authentication factors, helps to eliminate security concerns for the company with regard to providing access, based on a single authentication factor - password.

It is important to know!

According to IT-Decision experts analysis, the most effective way to achieve a strong 2FA is to use a one-time password (OTP). OTP is a password that is valid only for one login session and overcomes the vulnerabilities of using only a static password that can be guessed. Because this OTP is only for one-time use, if OTP is received by an unauthorized user, it simply will not work.

How to start using 2FA now?

As mentioned earlier, 2FA using OTP is a very affordable and convenient option for providing security in your business environment. The company IT-Decision provides for all its customers the possibility of integrating the 2FA by means of SMS API provided by IT-Decision company and offers a variety of flexible options for customizing this tool and the subsequent use of your company worldwide.

With the help of IT-Decision specialists, you can always get a qualified consultation and get a solution for 2FA, which will help you to work safely in your business environment.

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