The rules for a perfect CTA

Call to action (CTA) or a call to action is a powerful tool in any kind of marketing communication. It is also the basis for sales in SMS marketing. If the appeal is drawn up correctly, then your audience might has a desire to make the necessary conversion actions for you.

We have prepared for you 5 main components that must be taken into account when writing a CTA.

1. Purpose of the call

This step is necessary in order to understand what you want to get as a result of using a particular text. Maybe this is an application for participation in training, customer call, ordering goods or saving your contact information?

Important: the conversion action must be one. One call simplifies the process of decision making by the client as much as possible.

2. Specificity

Since SMS messaging is limited by the number of symbols, it is very important that the message text is clear as possible. To make the message text not boring use more bright verbs in your calls to action. For example, "book", "open", "visualize", "get", etc.

You need to write a call to action that will give customers the feeling that they can get real benefits after purchasing your product or ordering a service. Appeal exclusively to the benefits that the consumer will receive. We recommend you to start SMS immediately from the verb and then lay out the essence of the sentence, supplement it with all sorts of tricks and do not forget to leave the contact information.

3. Simplicity

You do not have to worry about inventing super unique words for your call to action. Customers want to get the simplest message with a clear indication of what to do in order to get some specific benefits.

4. Illusion of benefit

This, perhaps, is the most effective formula of all times and peoples. All people want to receive useful free products or services. If they like your goods, they will become your regular customers. Such consumers are the most loyal customers, most often they are the protectors of your brand. Just because of the fact that you offered them free and acquainted with the services and goods of the company.

Write a specific phrase: "get the book for free", "visit the training for free", "watch the movie for free", "delivery free of charge", etc.

For example, "Download a free new book by Igor Mann about the most trendy marketing tricks of 2015. Implement them into your business and enjoy high conversions"

5. Social proof

Write the text of your SMS message in the form of a call to a satisfied customer and build in it an effective call to action. People trust your other customers, moreover, before they make a conversion action, they are looking for consumer feedback on your website, forums and social networks. Feedback is the most powerful social proof of the quality of your goods and services.

For example, “I have been using Auto Insurance for 5 years. There was 1 insurance case, the guys immediately paid the amount in full”. Ivan - programmer.

“Be as happy as Ivan. Details of auto insurance services on tel. 0441234567.”

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