Legitimate SMS messages or unwanted spam, feel the difference!

Regardless of the business scope, every entrepreneur wants to keep in touch with his customers. But one of the reasons why many entrepreneurs do not consider SMS marketing as an effective marketing tool is the suspicion of spam. So, as a consequence, the real fear of loyal audience outflows.

SMS-mail differs from spam as follows:

1. Obtaining the consent of subscribers for receiving SMS messages.

2. Notify customers about the subject and frequency of the mailing.

3. Identification of the sender for the subscriber.

4. Ability to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

In turn, spam mailings have the following features:

1. The mailing list is collected in open sources or purchased. Subscribers did not give their consent to the SMS-mailing.

2. Distribution of an unlimited number of SMS messages.

3. Inability to identify the sender- an unknown number or an individual alpha-name.

4. It is not possible to unsubscribe from the mailing list. There is no reverse cancellation channel.

Whatever exquisite and cunning it might be, these options are not the fair ways to attract buyers and they work one-time only. If they ever work of course. Loyalty of the audience is achieved and maintained not by a single, suspicious SMS-mailing.

A serious approach to SMS-sending is able to give a truly high result.

This could be done thanks to such undeniable advantages as:

• speed of delivery and reading,

• personalization in the broadest sense of the word,

• brevity and relevance of information,

• guarantee of contact,

Legal SMS-messages have the following features of content:

1. The presence of contact information of your company in the message, so that the recipients can contact representatives at any time and clarify the questions they are interested in.

2. The sender's name is recognizable to the recipient.

3. The text of the messages is correct and does not contain any incomprehensible abbreviations.

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