7 advantages of IT-Decision Telecom

Great number of companies is engaged in providing SMS marketing services and content distribution services now. Each of them could be distinguished by the presence of one or several advantages. That’s why the customer has to work with several companies at the same time to get the necessary package of services.

Some companies provide only with bulk SMS messaging. In this case, the content and campaign conduction is done by specialists and there is no way to verify the transparency of the service. Other companies offer only SMS-integration, which is also not really convenient.

Also, widely available are services specializing in both SMS-messaging and SMS-integration due to their popularity on the market. But it's better to buy shoes in a shoe store, not in the grocery department of the grocery store, even if it's there.

All of the above mentioned services are professionally solved by web interface offered by IT-Decision company and to which the user is 24/7 access granted.

The main thing is that from other companies and services we differ in providing bulk SMS-messaging and SMS-integration services (remember about shoes).

Our advantages:

1. Own SMS-messaging platform and API

Most SMS services use the same platforms to provide services. This fact is certainly affects the quality of the service itself and is very limited in its functionality. IT-Decision specialists, considering the shortcomings of existing SMS-messaging platforms, have developed their own solution, which today has high speed delivery functions, convenience, ease of use and additional functionality.

2. A single click global coverage possibility

Most companies in SMS marketing work only with local operators, other offer one price for local services and the other for international. IT-Decision’s great business experience in the field of telecommunications and partnership with international mobile operators allowed us to build the largest communication network for sending SMS messages around the world. We cooperate with more than 100 mobile operators to ensure the successful delivery of SMS messages to more than 200 countries.

Also, thanks to our extensive network in more than 100 countries, IT-Decision provides the best price conditions for its customers, no matter where they operate.


SMS API from IT-Decision is the most reliable way to automate SMS-marketing on web and mobile APS. Simplicity and transparency of our API working with SMPP, HTTP / XML protocols will allow you to connect the SMS gateway to your application in a short time. Also, the development team is ready to support you at every stage of integration and solve the most unusual tasks.

4. Technical Support

Our experts are real professionals in the field of telecommunications and mobile messaging. Each user of our platform is assigned with a personal manager ready to help you in solving the most non-standard tasks. The technical support service is 24/7/365 opened.

5. Web interface

Optimized web access to a powerful communication platform with an intuitive web interface, provides all important information and analytics for users and service reporting. Web interface allow to easily and in the shortest possible time to send, both bulk SMS around the world as well as single messages.

6. Free test

Only few services can provide their customers with free access to sending SMS messages. We provide our clients with an opportunity to evaluate all the advantages of our platform and send a small amount of SMS to their customers for free.

7. Image

Working with an international IT-Decision company, you automatically go to the international level of positioning your own business. We are known all over the world, and so are you.

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