Ongoing e-mail marketing rebirth?

More recently, it seemed that the days of e-mail marketing are almost numbered. But, according to a recent study by Zeta Global, the value and effectiveness of marketing e-mail campaigns right on the contrary began to gain a new growth momentum.

What caused this trend?

Again, the answer is obvious – increase in the frequency of mobile phones use leads to an increase in the use of seemingly long ago floated technology of direct marketing.

More and more consumers are getting mobile users and remain connected with their mailboxes 24/7. According to e-commerce research from Zeta Global, a positive growth in popularity of e-mail marketing can be explained by 3 the following factors:

1. Everyone loves discounts

Proposals, such as discounts and holiday sales are very relevant for consumers. About 62% of survey respondents say that promotional prices are always a decisive factor for them in making purchasing decisions.

2. People are too busy for shopping trips

Zeta Global estimated almost one third of all consumers made the most of their holiday shoppings on the internet. In addition, the majority of online shoppers (71%) were ready to make purchases on any device with Internet access.

3. Mobile phones revived e-mail

Research from Zeta Global shows that in 2016, more than 34% of conversion to the web, were made from mobile devices. There is no doubt that the combination of mobile technologies and e-mail marketing will provide commercial brands with more effective marketing tools in a newborn space of e-commerce in Ukraine.

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