Tips to delight your mobile customers

Chance, that you are reading this on a mobile device is very high, because more than 56% of all Internet traffic is used on mobile. Modern brands using Internet-marketing in their business, state as one about the importance of a comfortable and pleasant user interface on all devices using the Internet: desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, etc.

With the increase in the number of visitors using the mobile traffic in the first place, you need to make sure that the interface of your site for a visitor is delight and comfortable. It is important to consider your business in terms of your customer, since "Second first impression" simply does not happen.

Well, here are the top 5 tips from the experts of IT-Decision, which will make the mobile version of your site enjoyable and comfortable.

1. Choose the simplest colors

Mind, the colors you use on your web have a direct impact on customer behavior and encourage him to necessary action.

The colors that you use to CTA-buttons (call to action buttons) will also help to increase the number of conversions. For example, red and green are usually the most effective for CTA-button.

2. Focus on using mobile phones customers

Customers primarily want to get answers to their questions and it is critical that answers could be found on your website. The best option is to create a so-called FAQ.

Additionally, simple and short contact form as well as live chat option - is one of the most effective tools to help to respond in time.

3. Do not overload your web with photographs and rare fonts

The web download speed for the customers is a key factor. Mobile visitors do not have time to wait on the web site slowly loading images or text. Avoid the use of unnecessary images and use classic fonts that are easy to display for any device. Fancy fonts that include shadows and other effects, simply increase the loading time. In addition, users often give preference simple and lightweight design.

4. Peculiarities of mobile version design

Remember how we used the keyboard and mouse for web navigation? Now, it is difficult to surprise anyone touch screen controls to enter text. You can no more rely on the accuracy of the cursor. You need to create information forms and arrange CTA buttons, so as to make them easily accessible to the control with fingers.

If your visitors have to further enlarge the screen to interact with your site, you will definitely lose a large percentage of customers. Also, we suggest you spend a little time to properly test each function of mobile web version with real users.

5. Make the most simplified menu navigation

Standard websites can display a massive menu bar at the top of the page with a sub-menu, but it is not appropriate on the mobile versions. Use the menu icon in the upper left corner or right of the mobile content and make it with the minimum number of tabs - it will also help customers to load your website faster and will be much easier to navigate the menu.

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