For the first time global use of the Internet on mobile devices appeared to be higher than on Desktops

December 12, 2016


This is a truly unique and memorable event that world gradually transition from Desktop to mobile devices, and for the first time of Internet existence mobile gadgets surpassed his colleague on the computer.

If you look at the major online players, such companies as Apple and Google  became synonymous with the mobile Internet, but there are also less successful examples. Among them a giant like Microsoft, which has not been so successful in the assessment of this trend and the transformation of the Internet, being too focused on Desktops. Since the change in the paradigm of using multiple devices continues, mobile devices reached 51.3% of Internet traffic around the world in October 2016, compared with 48.7 percent on Desktops.



Statistical data done by StatCounter web analytics, shows a change in the statistical graph showing a continuous decline in the use of Desktop computers for surfing the Internet since 2009.

"It should be quite a significant signal, especially for small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals who need to make sure that their web sites are mobile friendly. Many old websites still do not support them," commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO Director StatCounter.

"Mobile compatibility is becoming increasingly important, not only because of the growing traffic, but also because the Google search engine, sharpened more under the mobile friendly web sites for the issuance of the search results".

However, in mature markets such as the UK and the US, the use of the Internet on the Desktops still prevails. Available and cheap mobile devices allow people in emerging markets to use Internet much comfortably and have more convenient access to the Internet to make purchases. However, even in so-called mature markets tendency to change could be already traced.

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