The highlight on Uber's API Drivers

It is absolutely impossible to imagine Uber without the huge army of its drivers, at least up until it almost finalized and put into action their automatically piloted vehicle technology. Uber regularly launches new API, allowing company’s developers to receive continuously updated information in a timely manner and improve the service.

"Every day, more than 1.5 million people around the world use Uber platform" - says Chris Saad, head of the Uber’s developers department. "Using the comfort and excellent service, the client gives a lot of opportunities and information for developers to experiment and introduce the latest software. Using data from the driver’s profile, trip data, cost information, and more, from the users themselves, have a unique opportunity to improve the entirely new applications and services that could make a trip with Uber really comfortable and pleasant. "

One of the examples of using the API, is that Uber has enlisted the help of several innovative applications and social media platforms, including Jobcase, Sears, Sherpashare, Stride and Activehours.

Jobcase - social media portal that brings together more than 50 million people are looking for new career opportunities, and which now allows its users to share their experiences of using the services of the company and rate Uber in their profile using the installed API.

Sears - uses API to encourage Uber drivers who receive points from completed trips and can spend them on auto accessories at Sears stores network.

Sherpashare significantly improves the driving experience and helps to optimize profits by the most efficient route recommendations in order to collect as many as possible in the path of the car.

Stride helps drivers to maintain proper financial records and considers to be the most profitable application to manage their income to travel.

Activehours service is based on Instant Pay technology, providing drivers with immediate access to the money that they have earned.

The most important! The main purpose of the launch of API is to create maximum efficiency of the Uber’s service and provide additional data to the developers themselves, which in turn helps Uber in the fight against growing competition from rivals such as LYFT and provides a stable platform with high loyalty among drivers.

Find out more information about the API and get advice about the possibilities of using it for your business here:

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