Plan to use the electronic subscribers database actively in your business? Then let’s do it!

Traditionally, business actively using its subscribers’ data, can face the fact that even some small improvements can lead to a significant increase of sales over the time. Therefore, you must continually look for the effective ways to interact with your customers.

Let us present to you the most relevant ideas from the IT-DECISION company, which will help you get more results from your subscribers ASAP, so:

1. Learn to understand your customer

The biggest mistake made by marketers using the company's customer data base – they are not trying to figure out who really their clients are. What are the features of their behavior choosing your product or service and why did they accept the offer. Often, marketers try to improve the product/service immediately and hoping that they will succeed and be able to bring the desired result in sales. But what exactly will affect customer behavior while making a purchase, and what does really improve your product to them?

That is why it is necessary to collect all the information about your customers and their motivational factors when they are making a purchase. Using that kind of information will help you get the most effective results. The good news is that in today's business, there are many simple ways to learn more about your customers behaviour.

Firstly, if you have not yet installed analytics tools on your website, the IT-DECISION company's specialists, offer you to consider on installing tools like Kissmetrics or GoSquared. Once you have installed one of these tools, the same moment you begun to actively collect the data about your web visitors, both the existing and the new ones. For sure, you also need to learn how you can improve the functionality of your site.

This could be easily done with the help of tools such as Crazy Egg, Webengage and session recording tool - Inspectlet, which allows you to watch and analyze the behavior of users while they are on your web.

2. Improve each direct e-mail

Your e-mail marketing campaign should keep your subscribers involved and informed. If you want to increase the number of conversions, analyze e-mails that you send to your customers and try to update them (style, design, etc.) to achieve new business goals.

Get a better look at your e-mail marketing campaign - including its informative components and the call to action button (CTA). Then check your mailing as you are the recipient itself, whether it answers questions your clients might have. Analysis and changes in your mailings with this point of view, can significantly improve your overall conversion rate on your website.

Remember that no matter how insignificant (in your opinion), but the relevantly functional or stylistic changes could be done in your direct e-mail campaign, every time you will be able to increase your customer base and increase sales. Even small things like changing the stylistic line of a letter or the way you address to the customer can unlock the enormous growth opportunities for your business.

3. Use SMS-messaging to manage customer loyalty

SMS is much more personal and individual marketing tool than e-mail, so it's easy to understand why they help to increase customer loyalty more effectively.

Believe it or not, customers appreciate the text messages from the business. In a survey, dated 2014, 29,716 Americans under the age of 45 had their say on SMS commercial offerings. It was found out that only 33 % disagreed to receive commercial sms-messagings. Even more interesting was that more than 37 % said that they would not object to receive these sms-messages from one to five times a week. Twenty percent said they would like to receive text messages, as often as it is necessary for certain product offerings.

And most importantly, mind that bulk sms messaging is very sensitive to the time and the relevance of the proposals for each individual product/service. If you are able to take into account the right time of sms sending and your offer will meet clients’ needs in a particular product, then the financial feedback will not take long.

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On the basis of IT-DECISION's direct partnership with all the major mobile operators in the CIS market and other continues, company IT-DECISION continues providing the most secure and high-quality service to send bulk SMS across the world. Lucrative and the most reasonable prices for the services of bulk SMS messaging, as well as 24/7 technical support are the main approach of IT-DECISION company policy, which allows us to solve all the tasks and meet the highest requirements of our customers.

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