Bulk SMS campaigns: rules, tips on writing and top of the most effective SMS services for business b

Rules of the game

For a large part of the small and medium business in Ukraine, the usage of bulk SMS service, is not a priority in the overall system of marketing tools.

The main reason for this is the common misconceptions and top of them are: the use of such a service is very complicated and expensive procedure, as well as the main myth is that SMS are not read to the end by the recipient.

SMS marketing rules

Before you get started, it is important to understand the rules of the game. The most important rule is to remember that you are using SMS services among your customers, already existing or upcoming in future, those who came to your website for the first time, or those interested in your e-mail offer. However, the audience is initially in a certain much is interested in your product or service. This rule works only when you are using your own, proven customer base that is much more effective than sending randomly.

Functional features

Email-marketers regularly send promotional messages to recipients on the direct-mail, in which users can download their proposals in PDF-format or subscribe to a free trial version of the product or service. What at first glance, it is absolutely impossible in bulk SMS messaging. In fact, SMS-service, functionality is not just as effective, but in many cases superior to e-mail campaigns.

For example, using the SMS capabilities, you can select the option to choose any condition manually; put a check box next to the desired selection conditions in the written SMS. It may be, as an offer to subscribe to the mailing list for interested offers or choose one of the products.

Limit your message to 160 characters

When you are sending a long SMS offers - more than 160 characters - mobile operators tend to divide the text into smaller pieces, up to 160 characters each. The messages are processed in parts, before they are delivered to the recipient. Unfortunately, it does not always happen smoothly. Some operators either integrate SMS into one, as it was necessary, or only part of the SMS is send. Sometimes operators even refuse sending longer texts. As a result, your target audience may either not to receive these messages as a whole, or the messages can sometimes be delivered not on the schedule that you planned, when your action or service will no longer be relevant. In any case, one of the most effective and affordable tools of interaction with your customer loses all its meaning.

In addition, SMS messages were originally designed to be short. Long text messages can divert the attention of the recipient and does not bring its main promise.

Timing is everything!

Have you ever received a SMS from your favorite and most visited pizzerias that offer discounts right when you were going to order food? In such cases timing in bulk SMS messaging is everything. Almost always the recipient opens your message immediately after receiving it, but at the same time, the lack of visual environment makes it difficult to customize brand recall through this channel.

Therefore, the main task of the marketer should be an appeal to its customers only when they actually make a purchase decision. Thus, while the pizza chain may send their proposals right before the lunch break, a beauty salon can plan their SMS-messaging with hair alignment offer, taking into account, for example, how often a particular client needs this service.

Enter a phone number or url-address as CTA

The success of any marketing campaign depends largely on the proper call to action button (CTA). The SMS-messaging, has no CTA-button, you just can’t add it and link to the main text. However, the only way to encourage interested consumers to buy your product or service is to call them directly to action.

One of the most popular and easiest way to do this is by adding a phone number or url-address at the end of your message. You can use url shorteners like Google URL shortener, to cut your text messages up to 160 characters. While this may not be the perfect call to action, but it continues to allow your recipients to make quick impulse purchases and create loyalty to your business.

Top of the most effective and active SMS marketing tools by the IT-DECISION company :

SMS API - Innovative SMS sending platform. This tool is especially useful for bulk SMS-mailings. Reliable SMS services provided by the IT-DECISION company, allows absolutely every Ukrainian or foreign companies make SMS-mailing throughout the world, and with a 100% guaranteed quality service. The company is always opened to consultations and through individually developed SMS platform provides maximum support at all levels of SMS API integration for your business.

  1. SMS Marketing - a set of productivity tools that provide a full range of marketing activities by

means of SMS-mailing. With IT-DECISION company SMS mailings campaigns, could be started just in a single click and you will be able to convey your offer to each customer, on every continent, in a preferred time and schedule. IT-DECISION company, has a direct cooperation with a great number of operators around the world, allowing to carry out global text messaging.

  1. The integration of SMS services to your corporate website.Integrated SMS program, SMS voting, automatacaly responding SMS services for your customers, confirmation of orders, etc.

4. Using the reseller program provided by the IT-DECISION company, you will be able, having even one registered account on your website, accumulate all-new customers, manage their tariff plans in your account, etc.


On the basis of IT-DECISION's direct partnership with all the major mobile operators in the CIS market and other continues, company IT-DECISION continues providing the most secure and high-quality service to send bulk SMS across the world. Lucrative and the most reasonable prices for the services of bulk SMS messaging, as well as 24/7 technical support are the main approach of IT-DECISION company policy, which allows us to solve all the tasks and meet the highest requirements of our customers.

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