Upcoming changes in Russian mobile market pricing tariffs

In the era of a large-scale entry of mobile technologies and services in the Russian market and as a result of a stable growth in the number of subscribers of mobile gadgets, empowering in a variety of payment systems and services, bulk SMS messaging appears to be the most appropriate tool to inform and carry out promotional activities, which, in turn, show the maximum possible of coverage and response from the target audience.

In 2016 the Russian market of sending SMS messagings runs a series of significant changes caused by not only changing the pricing policy among the mobile operators, but the certain effects "On Communications" law, which, since 2014, directly related to SMS messaging.

At the same time, long before the signing of the law in the final reading, the so-called "Big Three" operators, "Beeline", "MTS", "MegaFon" and a new comer "Yota" (which is a property of "Megofon" company) announced significant costs uprising, which they will have to incur in order to meet the new legal provisions of the law. Mobile operators are currently evaluating their loss of 2 trillion rubles. According to the press-secretary of "MTS" Dmitry Solodovnikov, operators costs will mostly fall on the purchase of a large number of advanced equipment for points of connection, built-date data storage and processing centers, the purchase of new licenses to use the software, increasing the capacity of data networks, systems, traffic analysis and providing free government access to data.

At the moment, already evident is the fact that these significant costs, the companies will have to return at the expense of their own customers. "Beeline", "MTS", "MegaFon" and "Yota" have been warned about the increasing cost of services to their end users. Later, the official representative of Tele2 company Mr. Prokshin suggested that the cost of cellular communication for absolutely all subscribers in Russia, can be increased in at least two or more times.

In accordance with Russian legislation, mobile operators are not able to unilaterally increase the price due to the existing tariff plans. The only thing that can make the operators is to freeze its own pricing policy, waiting for that their subscribers will decide to select and move to the new package of mobile network services. It is obvious that an increase in the cost of services will not be instantaneous, but it will be done through the connection of additional services and new payment models. In this way, "MegaFon" and "MTS" has introduced a fee for SMS notification when the user was not in the network.

However, at the moment it is a bulk SMS messaging in the local market, as well as SMS messaging all over the world that are part of cellular standards, providing companies the most large-scale coverage of the target audience, considering the high level of mobile penetration in business and the user environment.

In its turn, the company IT-Decision, on the basis of its direct partnership with all the major mobile operators in the CIS market, continues to provide the most secure and high-quality service to send bulk SMS across the world. Lucrative and the most reasonable prices for the services of bulk SMS messaging, as well as 24/7 technical support are the main approach to IT-Decision company policy, which in turn allows us to solve all the problems and meet the highest requirements of our customers.

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