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"IT-Decision company successfully integrated professional SMS product for verifications (2FA, OTP) and quick communication with our clients, as well as in the shortest possible time implemented additional requirements. Today more than one million of our customers successfully receive messages and high-quality support from IT-Decision."

- Yuri Semerenko, CTO, Avant Bank

Still thinking about how to use SMS-Platform?


Then ask yourself would you like to provide high-quality and reliable service to your customers?
To do this, IT-Decision offers SMS-services which are ideally suited for your business.

Using our messaging services you get a lot of opportunities!

Any company can use

SMS messaging!

Other companies

Messaging companies

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  • Provide dynamic passwords for client registrations/logins (OTP, 2FA, etc).

  • Inform your customers about new offers, promotions.

  • Confirming receipt of the order. 

  • Send greetings to your customers.

  • Provide personal discounts to customers.

  • Promptly inform customers of Cash Flows for all accounts.

  • Inform customers on deposit/credit and other programs.

  • Reminding about the expiration dates. 

  • Update your customers about any changes in your workflow.

  • Improve and build brand.

  • Stimulate sales growth.

  • Inform customers about sending/receiving cargos.

  • Inform customers about the new services.

  • Quickly inform customers about the results and the status of the insured event.

  • No queues in channels with high capacity.

  • Quality and fast delivery of messages.

  • User-friendly web-portal for sending messages.

  • High system availability 99,99%.

  • SMPP v. 3.4, HTTP/XML APIs.

  • Message delivery reports.

  • Support 24/7/365.

  • And Good News: You will be able to significantly optimize the advertising budget! SMS-communications is much cheaper than other types of advertising and have a personal character.
    Also important to know that 90% of recipients read their messages immediately after receipt. That means you will be able to inform almost all recipients!!

Retail companies

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