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A2P partnership

We cooperate with more than 500 MNOs and carriers around the globe. Together we work to improve the security, performance and increase profit.


Discover new opportunities

Continuous development and innovation in the market of mobile services, as well as active corporate services implementation turned A2P SMS into the most used communication channel on the planet.                            

IT-Decision Telecom SMS Platform helps to combine operators, SMS aggregators and SMS service providers with A2P technology and together we work to create additional revenue inside the mobile market.
It is easy to trace the significant growth of A2P SMS and reduction in P2P over the last years. In respect that in 2019 the growth of A2P SMS traffic is expected at around 2 trillion messages, we can confidently say that A2P messaging is a key global income factor in SMS market.


Full A2P control - SMS application server

IT-Decision Telecom offers partner program: business-as-a service in which we provide you with the latest version of our core messaging platform for your needs, as the operator.
You do not need to sign hundreds of contracts with different operators from different countries and to adhere to all regulatory standards, we have already done it and joined all in one global network - mobile communication platform of IT-Decision.
We maintain security standards, manage operational services and infrastructure development, in result you can reduce costs and get possibility to grow faster on the market.

Direct connections

With our corporate clients we can bring an increase in sms traffic and revenue. We process around 10 million SMS messages daily.

А2P SMS Hubbing

Solution developed to handle large volumes of A2P traffic with throughput from 100 sms/sec and allows quality control of bulk messaging around the globe.

Solution for Enterprises

Our development and technical team will provide you with high-quality technology for your success.


Reseller Program - discover the source of income

IT-Decision Telecom Reseller Program offers a unique opportunity, by becoming a reseller you get access to wholesale prices to send bulk SMS messages globally, with one registered account you can create sub-accounts (new customers), manage and assign them to the rates in messaging platform web-portal.

For your customers will be created access to web-portal, where they will be able to view statistics, balance, etc.

At the same time you have an opportunity to make an income on the difference between your wholesale rates and prices established for customers.

Your attracted customers will not be able to see that they work through a reseller and you can get a permanent income.

At the same time the confidentiality of data will be saved, that means, the text of SMS message of your customers will be hidden from view.

Your customers can easily top up account balance by adding funds directly from the web portal (via credit card or PayPal) also they can perform payments with you, as example, to your bank account and you will be able to add their funds from ITD Telecom web portal.

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More than 500 MNOs, carriers and partners around the world trust us