IT-Decision Telecom's cloud communication platform allows to develop faster and easier than ever before. Send SMS messages and VoIP calls to more than 200 countries with a single click!

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IT-Decision Telecom A2P Messaging Provider & Global Voice Carrier


SMS messaging (SMS Gateway) and VoIP platform from IT-Decision Telecom it's complex solution for sending mobile messages worldwide (A2P messaging, 2FA two factor authentication via SMS, OTP one-time SMS passwords, marketing and other messages) as well as wholesale Voice.
SMS API (SMPP, HTTP/XML) with built-in intelligence for maximum speed and deliverability makes it easy to carry out the integration of SMS-Platform and forget about the headaches associated with connecting services to Web & Mobile App.
You will only need one click to communicate with millions of customers around the world!

Global Coverage

Time-consuming work in the field of telecommunications and partnerships with mobile operators has allowed us to build the largest communications network for sending SMS messages and Voice worldwide. We cooperate with more than 100 mobile operators and guarantee the successful delivery of the text messages in more than 200 countries worldwide.

SMS API Integration

Our SMS and Voice API is the most reliable way to reach users across the globe that open the doors to the millions of subscribers. Simplicity and transparency of our API (SMPP, HTTP/XML) allows in a short time connect the SMS gateway or Voice capabilities to your application. Our development team will support you on each step of integration and perform the most unusual tasks.

Support and Consultation

Every question of our customer matters for us!

Our specialists are experts in the field of telecommunications and mobile messaging.

Every user of our platform supported by personal manager which ready to help you all the time.

Technical team is available 24/7/365 for your support.

IT-Decision Web Portal

Optimized web access to powerful communications platform with an intuitive web interface provides all the important information and analytics for users and performance reporting. Allows you to easily and quickly send the bulk sms messaging all over the world as well as single messaging.

Use cases


"IT-Decision company successfully integrated professional SMS product for verifications (2FA, OTP) and quick communication with our clients, as well as in the shortest possible time implemented additional requirements. Today more than one million of our customers successfully receive messages and high-quality support from IT-Decision."

- Yuri Semerenko, CTO, Avant Bank

Why IT-Decision Telecom?

In-house development team, innovation solutions, mobile messaging experts for your support, real time SMS-traffic analytics, direct connection to telecom operators/carriers, built partner network around the world for more reliable and efficient messaging service. 
Learn more how we go beyond to deliver the best quality that you would expect.

Our mission

Since 2011, the IT-Decision Telecom company's mission has been to create the highest quality SMS service to communicate between individuals and enterprises/ applications/services. We did a great job, found many talented and professional specialists, created team of real experts in the field of telecommunications.
In 2012 the first production release of our SMS platform saw mobile messaging world.
Today, more than 10,000 customers, 100 mobile operators/carriers and 200 partners rely on IT-Decision, thereby create favorable mobile environment around them. Evolution of the SMS industry is so dynamic now and not everyone have time to keep track of all changes that are happening around us, but we achieve to create the mobile services that in the process of our work bring pleasure and understanding that we are creating something more ...




We send more than 10 million SMS messages per day with a throughput more than 50 SMS / sec and can do more, just let us know.



/ 7

Our global support team successfully solves most of the requests in the first 2 hours. Also due to the active online monitoring of sms-traffic we prevent and avoid most of issues before they appear.




More than 5 years we are working for you, building a global partner network with operators and SMS-centers around the world. Cooperation with more than 100 operators/carriers guarantee fast delivery of SMS messages across the globe.


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